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Blog from the Dogs – Wimbledon

smudgeicon  Can’t believe we made it to Wimbledon, Ted! It’s so good to have a bit of time away from the office to come to this great tournament. It was so nice of Maxine to give us the time off after our continued hard work. Who do you want to see first?

tedicon Bark! Here here! Now, I need to go and see a man about a strawberry…

smudgeicon  We can get strawberries after, I want to go and watch Kyle Edmund.

tedicon Is that the name of the strawberry man?

smudgeicon  No, he’s one of the Tennis players?

tedicon I don’t follow.

smudgeicon  Ted, you do realise they have more than strawberries here, right?

tedicon …is this not a strawberry and cream convention?

smudgeicon  No, Ted! The strawberries and cream are only second to the Tennis that is being played here! We might even get to see Boris Bekcat and chase him around the court.

tedicon Well that sounds like a lot of fun and I love chasing cats, but I would really like to eat some strawberries and cream.

smudgeicon  Fine, we can get them, only if we can look for Björn Borf to chase around after.

tedicon Bark! Borf! Great plan, Smudge!