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Smudge and Ted’s new online home

smudgeiconI like it here.


smudgeiconHere, our new online home! It’s a bit swanky.

tediconIt is isn’t it, the pictures of us are massive now though, I didn’t realise how hairy I am!

smudgeiconI’m saying nothing, Ted.

tediconAnyway, lets have a look at what we can do now.

  smudgeiconWell we’ve got specialised sections for different kinds of landlord for one. So whether you’re an investor, looking for someone to manage your properties, or would like someone to find you tenants, you can easily find exactly what you’re looking for.
I know, that’s rather brilliant!

smudgeiconAnd for tenants, we’ve got sections to welcome new tenants, a brand new property search, a page about the viewing process, and information about moving in.

tedicon And it’s all easy to find, directly from the homepage.

                                           smudgeicon  It’s all so clever! Apparently Maxine and Matthew can also see how popular our blogs are too now, so I think we’re going to have to up our game Ted.

tedicon Speak for yourself!

      smudgeicon Um, have you read your bio on the team page? “Everyone says I am a typical boy because all I want to do is to eat, sleep, run and make poo smells.”

              tedicon WHO WROTE THAT?

smudgeicon No comment….