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Blog from the dogs: Ted gets excited about the virtual ESTAS

tedicon La la la lala la la laaaaaa

smudgeicon You always tell me off for singing Ted, and here you are happy as Larry sounding like a strangled cat

tedicon I take that as the highest compliment!

smudgeicon So why ARE you so happy? Aside from the fact that Maxine and Mattie working from home all the time means you’ve probably had treble your biscuit quota by pretending to each one in turn that you’re starving.

tedicon You snooze you lose, my friend. I’m happy, because we are FINALLY GOING TO GET TO MEET PHIL SPENCER like the rest of the team! We’re on the shortlist, so we could win again and I can hear Phil say our names!

smudgeicon Don’t be daft, we can’t go anywhere because of lockdown and you got us banned for life after the chicken incident.

tedicon  You promised you wouldn’t mention that anymore. No, no. We won’t be meeting him in person. But we can go to the ball from the comfort of our front room! For one year only, the ESTAS are going to be virtual, but still presented by the lovely Phil!

smudgeicon Oh wow…

tedicon  I know, I’m so excited. The glitz, the glamour, the fizz.

smudgeicon  You don’t even like fizz.

tedicon  Just let me have this one please.

smudgeicon OK you can have this one.

tedicon  And we get the best seats in the house – OUR BED!

smudgeicon So you can fall asleep and miss the whole thing and snoring so loudly none of us can hear it either?

tedicon  Exactly!

smudgeicon Ted, you are absolutely unbelievable.

Attending the Virtual ESTAS 2020

The Virtual ESTAS are going to be held on Friday 3rd July 2020 to recognise outstanding customer service by the best estate & lettings agents and industry suppliers in the UK. They’re the awards that mean so much because they’re all based on customer feedback. Attendance is free of charge, and you can visit the ESTAS website to see the order of proceedings and book your spot – we’ll look forward to raising our glasses with you virtually!