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Blog from the Dogs – Chubby Challenge

smudgeicon  Hi Ted what have you been getting up to this week?

tedicon  Well Smudge, I have been investigating!

smudgeicon  Investigating what Ted?

tedicon What I have done wrong!

smudgeicon  How did you come to this conclusion?

tedicon  I realised the other day that I have not been as full as I normally am for my afternoon, and I could remember being given any of my treats

smudgeicon  By treats to you mean crumbs and bit of food that get given to you?

tedicon  Yes, I have noticed that they have been much fewer and concluded I must have done something to makes everyone stop giving me there food!

smudgeicon No, no, no Ted they have been trying to low weight, so they are eating less food!

tedicon Eating less!!

smudgeicon  Yes they are doing the Cubby challenge as everyone wants to get a bit fitter and trimmer after Christmas! who ever has lost the most weight each week gets the golden carrot!

tedicon  Oh, I see well that makes sense then… I guess

smudgeicon  You Guess

tedicon I understand they are eating less food Smudge but I could never understand why!

smudgeicon  Hahaha, oh Ted!

tedicon  I’m off to find me some dog treats if there aren’t human treats around here then!

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