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Blog from the Dogs – This Years Charity

smudgeicon  Hi Ted how are you doing?

tedicon  Good thanks Smudge I have actually been doing some reading!

smudgeicon  Really! You, reading?

tedicon Yes I have been reading up on the world wars!

smudgeicon  Oh well done Ted they are a big part of British history!

tedicon  They are and I’m so happy we have picked the Royal British Legion as our charity this year!

smudgeicon  Me too Smudge I love that we have committed to invest at least 1% of our profits in charitable activities!

tedicon  Yes Smudge, the centenary of the end of the 1st World War in November is an important milestone which we would like to recognise.

smudgeicon We would like to do this by asking if anyone has any families stories. Do you have a photo of the person who served, which you would be happy to share and a little story about them?

tedicon The First World War generation gave so much for us. So this is our small way of saying thank you!

smudgeicon Learn more about our charity work here

tedicon And click here to go to our Facebook page where we would love to hear your stories!