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19Oct Blog from the Dogs: The ESTAS

Blog from the Dogs: The ESTAS

smudgeiconHmph. Darn my lack of opposable thumbs! Ted get over here, you have a pointier nose than me.


What’s the matter Smudge?


I’m trying to vote for Maxine Lester as the best belly rubbers for the ESTAS, but my paws keep hitting all the keys at once…


Not sure there is a belly rub category Smudge… but how about the next best thing? Maxine Lester are trying to win the Gold Award for the Best Landlord and Tenant Service in the East of England category after all…

smudgeiconDid you say something about a cat?


Cat-egory Smudge! They won silver and gold last year so it’s going to be tough to beat it!That’s okay Ted, I’m happy to talk to the readers and carry this one buddy. You get back to your snooze.

smudgeiconHmm, I don’t trust anything with a cat in it, but if their landlord and tenant service is anything like their belly rubs it should be a breeze.


I’d have to agree with you there Smudge, voting is now open though so we’ll have to get everyone we know to help them out just in case! I’ve seen how hard they work to keep everyone happy so it’s the least we could do!What are you doing?

smudgeiconDo you think they’ll let us come to the awards? I hear Phil Spencer gives the best belly rubs in the Northern Hemisphere.


If we play our cards right, we might just be in with a chance!


Quick! Look adorable!

To vote for Maxine Lester at the ESTAS, click here

From here, select Landlord (Managed) and select Maxine Lester Residential Lettings.