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Blog from the Dogs: The ESTAS (part 2)

In this month’s Blog from the Dogs, Ted is having a bit of trouble with the concept of what it means to be nominated for the ESTA awards…

smudgeiconTed, what on this earth are you doing? That bow tie looks ridiculous on you!


Shut up Smudge, I’m being classy.


For why are you doing this, good sir?


I’m not telling you if you’re going to take the mickey.



Okay, sorry, sorry, sorry. But why ARE you wearing a bow tie?

tediconI’m practising for my speech



Yes, I’ve been nominated for the ‘Top Dog of Lettings’ award in the ESTAs!


I don’t want to burst your bubble, but I don’t think that’s a thing, Ted.


It is too, I heard Maxine talking about it.


Maxine Lester ARE nominated for the ESTAs again this year, but it’s a team effort! I’m not sure they’d want you taking all the credit for their hard work given that you spend much of your time curled up in the corner of the office snoring…

tediconI provide the cute factor, obviously.

smudgeiconHmmm, yes okay. Well anyway, the ESTAs are based on customer reviews so to win one means an extra special amount. It’s essentially the Maxine Lester customers choosing to give us all an award because they’re really pleased with the work we do for them. That’s why everyone’s so pleased we won awards from both tenants AND landlords last year for East of England and the whole of Cambridgeshire!

tediconRight. So, I won’t personally be getting a ‘Top Dog of Lettings’ award?

smudgeiconNo, there’s no ‘Ted’ in Team!

tediconWell there nearly is.


tediconYou should be happy that the team do such a good collective job! You’ll still be able to wear that bow tie of yours to a lovely award ceremony in London.



Yes, you need to impress property guru, Phil Spencer. I reckon if you behave yourself between now and then, Max will let us join them this year.

smudgeiconTed: I’ll still need that speech then!



The ESTAS Estate & Letting Agent Awards 2019

Sponsored by ZOOPLA

Friday 10th May 2019
Grosvenor House Hotel, London