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Blog from the Dogs: The ESTAS

smudgeiconTed are you ready for the industry awards of the year?


I sure am Smudge, I have ordered a top hat and tuxedo to wear this year?


Wonderful, you will look very dapper.


Do you think that Maxine will let us get on stage this year?


Not sure, I’m working on her with a lot of compliments and foot licking, but she says she is worried!

tediconWorried that she won’t win this year? 

smudgeiconNo worried that I will lick Phil Spencer to death!


Hmm, I think you might!


He is the most handsome property guru on television, he deserves a good Smudge lick.


I am not sure that is quite what he will be looking for in a room full of estate agents, but I’ll back you all the way.


Right, we just need a plan to get into that room, I’m going off to practice my yoga so I can fit into Max’s handbag!

What do the ESTAs mean to YOU?


The ESTAs is an industry award scheme that was founded to inspire property professionals to deliver better customer service.

We know good old fashioned customer service is key to delivering the long term success of our business and so we are delighted to be shortlisted in 2019, after winning the “Best in Country Landlord Award” in 2018 and getting silver for the “Tenant Best in Country Award” last year too.  For anyone out of the industry, that may not seem like much, but just consider how many letting agencies there are across the UK, hundreds of thousands, and how many pieces of customer feedback the ESTAs get every year ~ 36,000 customers responded in 2018 ~ then you can see how much this means to WIN, not only for us, but for you too.  Being part of our client family means you are assured of the best service year after year, because if we fail you, we have no chance of winning an award based solely on the feedback you give about our service!


Phil Spencer says: “The ESTAS are special because shortlisted and winning firms are selected purely on the service delivered to your clients. Real feedback from real customers experiencing real service. I don’t think there can be a greater honour in the industry than to receive an award based on that mantra”.

Simon Brown, founder of The ESTAS Group, says: “At The ESTAS we’re proud to say we believe in old fashioned values like customer service. We know how hard it is to deliver it, week in week out, that’s why we put the spotlight on property firms who are committed to providing excellent service. The ESTAS brand can help generate consumer trust for all property professionals involved in the home moving process”.

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The ESTAS Estate & Letting Agent Awards 2019

Sponsored by ZOOPLA

Friday 10th May 2019
Grosvenor House Hotel, London