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Blog from the Dogs – Stamp Duty News

tedicon *Yawn* Ooo I just had a lovely nap Smudge.

smudgeicon  I couldn’t sleep the news is too exciting Ted!

tedicon  News? Whats the news? Is it about food Smudge?

smudgeicon  No Ted didn’t you heard the news in the 2017 budget?

tedicon  No, you know I don’t like watching much TV Smudge.

smudgeicon  Well, Chancellor Philip Hammond has abolished stamp duty on homes costing less than £300,000, with reduced rates up to £500,000.

tedicon  Wow, that is big news, what does this mean?

smudgeicon This is great for first time buyers, the average saving for first-time buyers would be £1,700.

tedicon Wow, that’s great so it’s now easier to buy a house?

smudgeicon Yes Ted, depending on the price of the house first-time buyers could have great savings, and earn a great return if they then rent out that property.

tedicon What great news Smudge!