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Blog from the Dogs – Staff Q&As

tedicon  Few what an exhausting week Smudge!

smudgeicon  Exhausting Ted? what have you been up to?

tedicon  I have been staying up watching the staff Q&As

smudgeicon  The videos Ted?

tedicon  Yes, I just wanted to make sure everyone was happy.

smudgeicon  Oh really I thought you just wanted to see yourself on camera?

tedicon  Well, I did at first. I’ll admit I think the sleeping pose is my best side.

smudgeicon  Well it is the one you are most familiar with Ted.

tedicon  Ha ha, I got hooked watching them because it was so nice to hear what everyone thought of the team.

smudgeicon  They are an interesting watch Ted, I liked knowing what they liked best about there roles.

tedicon  You can watch them on our Facebook page!