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Smudge and Ted’s Christmas tree competition

smudgeiconTed, what on this earth are you doing?

tediconI’m looking at our window, it’s really boring with all the houses in it.

smudgeiconTED! You can’t say that, we’re a letting agent – that’s terrible marketing!

tediconOkay, okay. I love our window with properties to let in it normally, it’s just, it’s CHRISTMAS and I think we need to gee it up a bit!

smudgeiconFor once, I agree with you… and I think I’ve got a solution. How about a competition!

tediconOH! I LOVE COMPETITIONS. What’s your favourite bit Smudge? I like weaving in and out of those stick things for a biscuit.

smudgeiconI’m not sure that will help Christmas up our window Ted, but I’m loving your enthusiasm.

tediconWell, what do you have in mind if you’re so clever?

  smudgeiconChristmas trees.

tediconChristmas trees?

smudgeiconWell a little birdy, Rodney the Robin, to be precise, told me that there is some GREAT artistic talent and imagination in Cambridge and St Ives, especially in the 4-11 age bracket. What if we were to ask them to send us the designs for their dream Christmas tree, and we offer them a spot in our window, and the winner gets £150 worth of voucher express vouchers to spend how they choose?

tedicon What an excellent idea! How will we choose the winner though, when the entries are going to be so brilliant?

                                           smudgeicon Well, that’s where the mums, dads, guardians, grandmas, aunties, neighbours, and everyone else come in. When all the entries are in, we could put them on Facebook and the winner is the entry with most likes.

tedicon I love this idea, apart from the fact I can’t vote due to my lack of opposable thumbs.

      smudgeicon Not this again! Anyway, dear Blog from the Dogs readers, if you’d like to enter our competition or know anyone aged 4-11 who would like to enter to be in with a chance of winning £150 worth of Voucher Express vouchers, you can download our handy instructions and terms and conditions to print out below. We’re really looking forward to seeing your entries – Good luck!

              tedicon Yes, good luck!

Click here to download our Christmas tree competition instructions