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Blog from the Dogs – Getting Scarily Close to the Agents Giving Ball

smudgeicon  Did you that know Halloween is coming up next week Ted?

tedicon  I did wonder why there were those scary pumpkins in the office.

smudgeicon  The office is doing a pumpkin carving prize draw on the Facebook page.

tedicon  What do people even do on Halloween Smudge?

smudgeicon  Children dress up in scary costumes and ask for sweets Ted.

tedicon  Sweets Smudge? I would ask for meats, not sweets!

smudgeicon  I’m sure you would Ted.

tedicon  Is Halloween what’s scaring Mattie?

smudgeicon  He’s not scared of Halloween Ted, He’s only got six weeks left until the Agents Giving Ball!

tedicon  Wow, only six weeks to perfect the jive! That is almost as scary as going to the vets!

smudgeicon  He has been practising so hard and is raising money for Carers Trust Cambridgeshire. Young people, some as young as 8 years old care for people in their family.

tedicon Wow, how incredible, these young people really do deserve a break.

smudgeicon  Yes Ted, they do, which is why we want to raise 7k so we can fully fund a holiday for 10 young carers who would not otherwise get a break.

tedicon  No wonder Mattie’s has been working so hard on his Jive.

smudgeicon  It takes blood sweat and tears to get that glitter ball Ted.

tedicon  How can people help?

smudgeicon  They can read Mattie’s story and donate on his Just Giving Page.