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Blog from the dogs: rental issues

smudgeiconHappy New Year, Ted!

tediconThat was 5 days ago now Smudge.

smudgeiconOh shh, you’re just grumpy because you broke your New Year’s resolution on the second day.

tediconAm not. Besides, that cat shouldn’t have been in our garden anyway.

smudgeiconYes well, the less said about that – the better!

tediconWhat are we talking about today then Smudge?

  smudgeiconWe’re going to chat about the upcoming Maxine Lester drop-in surgery!
tediconAh yes, the reason you were trying to diagnose me with ‘smellyitis’ earlier. I googled it, and it’s not even a real disease, by the way.


Tee hee. It’s not a medical surgery Ted, it’s so we, and that’s a collective ‘we’ meaning the fabulous Maxine Lester team, can help anyone who needs it with all of their lettings needs. Our role is the usual: hang around looking cute, hoping for ear scratches and biscuits, and listening to the goings on so we can carry on imparting our lettings knowledge to the internet.

tedicon I’m in! So what kind of questions will the team be answering?

                                           smudgeicon  Anything and everything! From concerns about investment property or advice on where to buy for landlords, to tenants’ questions about their tenancy – someone will be on hand to answer any queries about lettings in general. You don’t need to book an appointment, just pop into our office and have a chat with one of our experts. 12 Station Road, St Ives, Cambridgeshire, PE27 5BH. We’re easy to find situated directly opposite Waitrose, and you can park in the public carpark opposite the office.

tedicon And what about people who can’t make it?

      smudgeicon Well, the team are always happy to discuss lettings. So anyone who can’t make it is more than welcome to make an appointment on another day, they just need to give us a ring on 01480 494939

              tedicon It would probably be helpful to know when it is, Dr Smudge

smudgeicon It’s on Saturday 14th January from 10am – 1pm! I’ll be the one with the stethoscope!