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Blog from the Dogs – The office is changing

smudgeicon  Hey Ted, come over here.

tedicon  What, why? Somebody is eating a biscuit, I’m gunning for crumbs!

smudgeicon  Forget that Ted, I’ve heard tale of a far bigger issue.

tedicon  Oh alright, but if they get cleaned up before I get back there… What is it?

smudgeicon  I’ve heard through the grapevine that our space in the office could be compromised!

tedicon  What! What’s happening? I love it by the door, we get to see every new face coming to see the team.

smudgeicon  Have a sniff at any delicacies they might happen to have with them.

tedicon Nibble on any unobserved shoes…

smudgeicon Well I think we have to stay positive about the whole situation Ted, just think we could end up right by the kitchen!

tedicon Good point. Just think of all those sandwich scraps and rogue meat shreds!

smudgeicon The team are hopefully planning on making the move sometime before Christmas so we’ll just have to wait and see.

tedicon Smudge, you start practising your ‘food beg’ face, and I’ll go and collect all of our toys buried under the carpet.

smudgeicon Sounds good, I can’t wait!