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Blog from the Dogs – New Office

smudgeicon  Are you excited about the new office Ted?

tedicon  I really am Smudge. I’m so excited about finally being the leader of the office.

smudgeicon  Leader of the office? What gave you that idea?

tedicon  Yes, I’m sure I overheard Maxine talking about finding a new place for Ted, I assumed I must be getting a promotion.

smudgeicon  She must have said something else Ted, you’re not getting a promotion when we move to the new office.

tedicon  I’m sure she was talking about me.

smudgeicon  What did she say?

tedicon  She used the words Ted, new, and shiny.

smudgeicon  Shiny?

tedicon  I must be getting a prize for being such a good employee.

smudgeicon  It can’t be Ted, all you do is eat and sleep…… Sleep that’s it. She must have said a shiny new bed not Ted.

tedicon  Oh, so I’m not getting a promotion?

smudgeicon  No Ted, but we do get new beds.

tedicon You know what smudge?

smudgeicon What Ted.

tedicon I Think I will prefer that anyway.

smudgeicon We will have so much fun in the new snazzy office Ted.

tedicon  It is very nice and modern Smudge.

smudgeicon We can look forward to people coming to visit us when we move in, in January.