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Blog from the Dogs – Location Location Location

tedicon  *Yawn* Afternoon Smudge!

smudgeicon  Afternoon Ted did you have a nice nap?

tedicon  Yes very nice thanks Smudge, what have you been up to?

smudgeicon  I have been thinking about investment properties Ted

tedicon  Ooo interesting Smudge, you can get great returns on rental investment properties, but I wouldn’t know what to look for.

smudgeicon  I have been doing some research into this Ted, and been collecting all the relevant information from the team.

tedicon  Really Smudge my ears only perk up if I hear the word walk or treats!

smudgeicon  We’ve learnt a lot over the years Smudge, apparently some more than others!

tedicon  Why don’t you tell me and everybody else what they should be looking for in an investment property Smudge?

smudgeicon  I’d be happy to Ted.

smudgeicon  As always it’s, Location Location Location!

tedicon  What do you mean Smudge?

smudgeicon Well, a tenant will want to rent a home that looks tidy from the outside that is in a nice looking neighbourhood. You also need to think about amenities.

tedicon  What kind of amenities, like free treats and stuff?

smudgeicon *head shake* No Ted, I mean the properties location to schools, shops, and places of entertainment like shopping centres, and children’s play areas.

tedicon  Oh, I see so that’s “Location, Location…”. Whats the third one Smudge?

smudgeicon  You want to make sure the property also has good transport links, so you should consider the bus routes, train lines and main roads in the vicinity.

tedicon Wow location, location, location! Thanks for telling us all this Smudge!

smudgeicon  No problem Smudge, There is lots more information about investment properties on our website.