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Blog from the Dogs – The landlord-tenant relationship

smudgeicon  Hey Ted, do you have a minute?

tedicon NOT NOW, SMUDGE! Can’t you see i’m busy?

smudgeicon  Woah, no need to be so snappy! You don’t look very busy.

tedicon Well…okay. Five minutes.

smudgeicon  I’ve been thinking. You’ve been showing such an interest in agency affairs recently that you might be able to take me through some things that landlords can do to maintain a good relationship with their tenants.

tedicon Hey, that sounds bori-

smudgeicon  Lesson one so far – build a rapport and maintain good communication…

tedicon Okay okay i’ll play! Let’s see…landlords should probably not put unfair terms in the contract, to avoid complaints.

smudgeicon  Yes, that’s good!

tedicon I once tried to make the dog next door sign a contract that meant only I could chase the cats around here…she didn’t like that.

smudgeicon  Exactly. Now, how about repairs in the property?

tedicon Well, tenants are usually responsible, but it is up to the landlord to state clearly in the contract who is responsible. It could be the tenant, landlord, or even the agent!

smudgeicon  Very good! Tenants will also appreciate a landlord who is responsive and easy to reach. Now, one final thing – insurance.

tedicon Landlords should have insurance in place, but tenants should also be expected to take out their own contents insurance to cover their personal items. I’d be devastated if I lost one of my chew toys to a flood! Good thing i’ve got contents insurance.

smudgeicon  …you’ve got contents insurance on a chew toy?

tedicon Yes Smudge! Haven’t you been listening?! And how would you feel if your best chew toy was damaged by a fire, or stolen by a naughty neighbourhood cat?

smudgeicon  Well I…uh…you’re right! I’ll be right back.

tedicon Silly Smudge. Bark!