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Blog from the dogs: Landlords and pets

tedicon Smudge, pack it in! You sound like a cat.

smudgeicon I can’t, I’m hinching. I sing when I hinch.

tedicon What in dog’s name is hinching?

smudgeicon  You know, Mrs Hinch from Instagram. She does cleaning videos. She has the GORGEOUS spaniel, Henry Hinch. I’ve got a bit of a crush on him, truth be told.

tedicon If I rolled my eyes any more, they’d fall out Smudge. Ok, so why are you ‘hinching’?

smudgeicon Because I actually take pride in where we live Ted, and someone’s got to vacuum up your hair. It gets everywhere!

tedicon  If only all of us were like you. Good luck though, I’m going back to sleep.

smudgeicon Most of us are good tenants though. We don’t make that much mess at all, mainly just want a comfy place to doze and play a bit. Mostly doze if they’re like you, lazy lump.

tedicon  Oi! I can run after a ball if I want to. I just don’t want to.

smudgeicon I’ll believe you, thousands wouldn’t.

tedicon  Hasn’t Maxine done a video on this?

smudgeicon On what?

tedicon  On landlords allowing pets in their rental properties. It’s on Facebook.

smudgeicon Oh yes! You are useful to have around sometimes.

You can watch our video of Maxine discussing why accepting pets as a landlord is a good business decision, here.