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Blog from the dogs: The pups do parkrun

tedicon Smudge, what are you doing I’m trying to snooze.

smudgeicon I’m jogging on the spot to prepare myself for tomorrow.

tedicon What’s tomorrow?!

smudgeicon  PARKRUN

tedicon What on this earth is parkrun? Sounds active. Don’t like it.

smudgeicon Aw, come on Ted. A bunch of humans do it, and we have four legs so it’s twice as easy for us! It’s a 5K course. Anyone of any age or any ability can join in, they just have to sign up at parkrun.org.uk and print off their bar codes first. You can run, walk, jog, or amble along at a leisurely pace it’s entirely up to you. Then you have your bar code scanned at the end, and later in the day thanks to some brilliant volunteers, you’ll be sent your time! It’s on every Saturday all year round, and quite a few humans take their dogs. They even have people at the back called tail walkers, to make sure no-one is left behind!

tedicon  But it’s WINTER. And I like to SNOOZE. And someone walking on my tail doesn’t sound like fun at all.

smudgeicon But it’s a great way to be active! And the really great thing, is that once you’ve registered and have your bar code, there are parkruns all over the world. Okay, here’s something that might get your attention, Huntingdon parkrun is our nearest, in Hinchingbrooke Country Park.

tedicon  Right….

smudgeicon And every week after the 5k, they go to the cafe!

tedicon  Now you’re talking, do they do sausage sandwiches? If so, great. I’ll have the sausage, hold the sandwich.

smudgeicon You’re unbelievable Ted.

tedicon  And you love me anyway.

smudgeicon Sometimes.

If you would like more information about attending or volunteering at Huntingdon parkrun, visit their website: https://www.parkrun.org.uk/huntingdon/ it’s on every Saturday at 09:00 am, you can run (or walk!) with your furry friends, children in buggies etc, and it’s a friendly and inclusive atmosphere. A great family activity to wake everyone up at the start of the weekend!