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Blog from the Dogs – Happy New Year!

tedicon  Happy New Year Smudge!

smudgeicon  Happy New Year Ted!

tedicon  Why do the humans celebrate every year Ted?

smudgeicon  Because it’s exciting to think of all the things that will happen in the future.

tedicon  Like what Smudge?

smudgeicon  Well, Ted people do a lot in a year, they might move home, or want to invest in a buy to let property!

tedicon  Maxine Lester has some great properties in the Cambridgeshire area.

smudgeicon  Yes Ted and our highly rated letting and management tailored to all different landlords and properties.

tedicon  What do you think 2018 have in store for us Smudge?

smudgeicon  I think we have some great walks, some great treats and some great naps in store for us Ted.

tedicon  Oooo I like the sound of that Ted!