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Blog from the Dogs – Winter Olympics Competition

smudgeicon  Good morning Ted are you excited for the month of February?

tedicon  I guess so Smudge…

smudgeicon  Guess so, this month will be great Ted

tedicon  Seems the same to me Smudge, whats so special about it?

smudgeicon  Well Ted next week the Winter Olympics will begin, that’s exciting!

tedicon Since when are you so into sports that don’t involve a ball?

smudgeicon  Well we are holding a competition Ted, a children’s poetry competition!

tedicon  Oh really that is exciting… but what’s a poem?

smudgeicon  It’s kind of like the lyrics of a song but they are to be read or spoken instead of sung.

tedicon  Hmm how interesting, how do children enter this competition Smudge?

smudgeicon  They need to write us a poem, about their favourite winter sport!

tedicon  I think I would pick curling Smudge I looks like so much fun!

smudgeicon  Interesting choice.

tedicon  If you would like to enter our competition you can find all the details here