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Blog from the dogs: it must be love!

smudgeiconTed… do you know what day it is on Tuesday?

tediconThe 14th?

smudgeiconYeah, but what day is it?

tediconIs it our anniversary?


tediconYour birthday?

tediconI don’t know, you’re going to have to help me out!


Valentine’s Day. IT’S VALENTINES DAY.

tedicon Oh.

                                           smudgeicon  Yes, oh.

tedicon Well, at least I’ve got time to get you a better present than last year.

      smudgeicon That’s not hard, a broken tennis ball you found on your walk and a chocolate bar that I couldn’t even eat because CHOCOLATE IS POISONOUS TO DOGS.

              tedicon Yes well, we can’t all be the canine equivalents of Ryan Gosling.

smudgeicon Hmmmph.

tedicon Anyway, I do have quite a good Valentine’s Day present, but for our loyal readers, not you!

We’re running a Valentine’s Day competition, and you could win yourselves a £50 voucher for the tap room in St. Ives! All you’ve got to do, is visit the competition page and match the Maxine Lester team up with their partners. The winner will be the person with the most correct answers, and in the event of a tie – there will be a draw for the champion! You’ve only got until Monday to enter though, and the winner will be announced on Valentine’s day!

Smudge, what are you doing?

smudgeicon I’m entering the competition. Maybe I can win my OWN Valentine’s day treat.