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Blog from the Dogs – The Royal Wedding

tedicon  Hey Smudge

smudgeicon  Hi Ted

tedicon  What is your plan for the weekend?

smudgeicon  I am going to watch the Royal wedding!

tedicon  Oh fun, what does that involve?

smudgeicon  Well, they come in and you see all the dresses and watch them get married.

tedicon  That’s it?

smudgeicon  What were you expecting Ted?

tedicon  I guess it’s just not my thing Smudge

smudgeicon  I think it’s exciting that people from all over the world will be watching!

tedicon  All over the world! We should go and get our selves on camera Smudge!

smudgeicon  You’ll have to get through the thousands of other people just to get near the front Ted!

tedicon  But we could get a big sign and let everyone know about Maxine Lester!

smudgeicon  Urmmmm I don’t think we need that but it’s a nice offer Ted.