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Blog from the Dogs – Summer Holiday Time

tedicon “I managed to fit all of my treats and toys into one suitcase this year Smudge”

smudgeicon “So long as you haven’t forgotten your swimming trunks and rubber ring, you know that you are a terrible swimmer!”

tedicon  “I think I shall be more into the culture, food, and wine, rather than the sea this time. We are heading to North-West Italy after all.”

smudgeicon  “I know it is so exciting that Max & Mattie love Italy and have found these last-minute flights from Stansted Airport, it’s only 45-minute drive and you know how car-sick I get”

tedicon “Haha, didn’t they tell you about the 2 and a half hour ride the other side in a Fiat 500?”

smudgeicon “oh boy, I think I shall remove all the toys and stuff my case with bedding, I might be okay if I sleep the entire journey.”

tedicon  “I am sure you’ll be fine, you know what Mattie & Max are like, they shall probably trade up for a Maserati once we get there!”

Smudge & Ted may only be heading away on a 2-week vacation, but many people choose to live abroad and rent their home out here in the UK.  Living abroad for more than 6 months in any 12 month period means that y0u become an ‘Overseas Landlord’ and you need to handle your tax affairs under the Finance Act 1995 and Non-Resident Landlord Obligations.  The many legal issues associated with renting your property need to be managed well, but as you may want to return to your home, you need to have faith that someone will care for it whilst you are away.

We find that landlords who utilise our ‘Renting til I return’ service want:-

If you decide to move abroad, the easy choice is to let the Maxine Lester team rent out your property for you and take care of everything whilst you are away.  If it’s something on your horizon, why not give us a call today on 01480 494939.