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Blog From The Dogs: Spot the Shot Competition

tedicon “Smudge! Guess what??”

smudgeicon “What, Ted?”


tedicon “Spot the Shot is back!”


smudgeicon  “Is that the competition where the prize is a bottle of Prosecco?”


tedicon “Exactly! The customer just has to find out which property on our website the photo clue is from!


smudgeicon “That seems too simple, are there hidden strings attached?


tedicon “Oh no, we would never do that! Plus remember we’re still too young for this prosecco, we have to get rid of it somehow!”


smudgeicon  “Oh that’s true! Wish the prize was dog treats, then we could enter! How do our customers enter?”


tedicon “Well we’ll post the clues to our Facebook page, customers then just need to comment the property address that the photo is from and share the post with their friends for a chance to win!”


smudgeicon  “And then in a week, we’ll pick a winner! How exciting, good luck all!”