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Blog From The Dogs: Spot the Shot Competition

tedicon “Continuing our competition for week 2 Smudge!”

smudgeicon “Fab, but last week the competition was won too quickly!”

tedicon “Yes I know, I made a booboo with the rules.”

smudgeicon  “I thought you might have, silly dog.  So what are the new rules then?”

tedicon “Ok, so as you know, every week we are running a competition on our Facebook page, along the lines of “Spot The Ball” (which, allegedly was a popular competition in the 1970s).  It’s is called “Spot the Shot” because Stephanie or Maxine are going to give us a shot they have taken when they were taking the marketing photos of a property that is on the market with Maxine Lester.  The picture will be of a specific object or something distinctive in the property that will definitely appear in one of the property photos on our website.”

smudgeicon “That’s this site, right?”

tedicon  “Yes, but if you click the shot below it will take you just to the property pages!”

smudgeicon  “Ok, so you have to look through the property photos and try to spot the item or object?  And what happens when I find it?”

tedicon “Ok, you need to note the property address and write it on the Facebook post and then share the post with your friends.  Then all of the people who guess the property address correctly on our Facebook page will get entered into our weekly draw for a bottle of prosecco!”

smudgeicon “Prosecco?  Not a juicy bone?”

tedicon “Nope, adults like Prosecco, so Prosecco it is.  The following week the winner will be announced and then when they are in St. Ives they need to pop into the Maxine Lester office, say their name and the bubbles will be ready and waiting for them to take away.”

smudgeicon  “I’m not playing if there are no bones involved!”



CLUE TWO: 22 FEB 2019

Which photo on our website includes a shot of this Quilted TV Cover?

CLICK HERE to go to our Property Page.

Once you have located the item let us know the property address on our Facebook Page and SHARE THE POST! CLICK HERE.

Good Luck!

CLUE ONE: 15 FEB 2019



Christian, please can you let us know when you will be in St Ives so that we can get your prize ready!