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Blog from the Dogs: Safe As Houses

tedicon “Uhhh Smudge… can you smell that?”

smudgeicon “Oh I’m sorry, I went to town on a few slices of old ham I found in a bucket outside, it’s upset my tum so I’ll see if I can crack open a window with my nose.”

tedicon “No, not that smell, this one is coming from the front door.  I think mum and dad forgot to cancel the milk order before they decided to leave us forever and ever and definitely never come back.”

smudgeicon  “That’s probably it… The milk…  Hey, didn’t they just go to Italy for a short holiday?”

tedicon “Let’s hope so. Either way, it’s a pungent and wasteful slip-up, especially with the heatwave we’ve been having. I’m pretty sure by the time they get back it’ll be some form of delicious cheese.”

smudgeicon “What’s this about delicious cheese? Can I have it?”

tedicon  “I’d really rather you didn’t – But if only there were a handy checklist people could refer back to before leaving their properties to go on holiday…”

smudgeicon  “Ooh ooh! Weirdly enough I actually found such a list in the same bucket the ham was in! Here take a read, I’m just going to go and check.. something.. by the front door… unrelated to cheese…”


We hope that when you go on holiday you have a fabulous, relaxing time and when you come home there are no surprises awaiting you.  So we have put together a simple checklist to help make sure that nothing untoward happens to your home, whilst you are sipping cocktails on the beach:

  1. Obviously empty house:
  • Remember to cancel the milk and newspaper delivery.
  • If possible, park your car in the garage or on the drive so it isn’t in the same spot on the road, not moving, for the duration of your trip.
  • Leave a light on the landing or put the lamps onto timer switches to come on in the evening.
  • If you are away for longer than a few weeks, try to get a friend or neighbour to check on the house.
  1. Be Safe:
  • Remember to unplug electrical appliances.
  • Switch off the kitchen appliances.
  • Make sure the thermostat is down on the heating in the Summer or warm in the Winter.
  • Lock all of the doors and windows.
  • Set the alarm if you have one.
  1. General Preparation:
  • Leave an emergency contact number with a friend or neighbour
  • Water the plants before you go and ask someone to come and water them while you are away. Leave the houseplants in the bathtub with a few inches of water if nobody is able to come by.
  • Empty the fridge and cupboards of anything which will go off before you return.
  • Empty the waste bins and put them outside.
  • Check that the smoke detectors are working or change the batteries.

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