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Blog from the Dogs – Multiple Occupancy Rules

tedicon  Hey Smudge

smudgeicon  Hi Ted

tedicon  I haven’t seen you all week, what have you been up to?

smudgeicon  I’ve been learning about the multiple occupancy rules

tedicon  Oh, what’s that?

smudgeicon  Well Smudge,Councils are to be given tough new powers to tackle landlords who rent out overcrowded properties.

tedicon  What does that mean for landlords?

smudgeicon It means lanlords could incur fines of up to £30,000 will be at Councils disposal, and they will also be able to set minimum bedroom sizes and a maximum number of people who can live in each bedroom. There is also discussion about extending the licencing of HMOs to ignore the number of floors, bringing many more HMOs into compulsory licensing.

tedicon  Oh fidosticks!

smudgeicon  Don’t worry Ted! The majority of our landlords do not have HMOs. However HMOs have been considered the next great investment opportunity, with some people seeing them as ‘easy money’. Sadly HMOs have also been the source of some of the worst examples of poor landlords rightly receiving substantial fines for low standards or breaches of safety rules. These breaches, combined with the increased safety risk of unrelated people sharing a home, have resulted in the increased rules in this area.

tedicon  Phew, I’m glad your on the case Smudge!

smudgeicon  We always need to make sure landlords are up to date on any new legislation.

tedicon  Well done Maxine Lester! I think I’ll ask one of the team if HMOs apply to me!

smudgeicon  They don’t apply to you Ted! But the Maxine Lester team are always on hand to answer any questions landlords might have. Just give them a call on 01480 494939.