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Blog from the dogs: Mud Run

smudgeicon  Hey Ted, did you hear the gang at Maxine Lester are doing the Mud Run this year?

tedicon  Ooooh I want to play! I love mud! It’s my third favourite thing after chasing cats and eating.

smudgeicon  Of course we love mud, but humans don’t like it at all which makes it a challenge.

tedicon  …WHAT?! Why don’t they like mud? Running around in mud isn’t a challenge! WHY DON’T THEY LIKE MUD?!

smudgeicon  They’re fundraising for Cancer Research, and the more money they get raised the more we can send to the great people at Cancer Research UK.

tedicon  I would have done it for free…but that’s even better! Jumping in mud AND raising money sounds like a day well spent.

smudgeicon  Who are you going to ask for donations, Ted?

tedicon  Well, i’m sure I can chase a few cats around the block and steal s…

smudgeicon  No, Ted! No stealing money from cats. This is for a good cause. You can donate here to Maxine!

tedicon  Can I scare the cats anyway?