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Blog from the Dogs – Inspect your Rental Property

tedicon “Smudge, following on from our chat last week, I’ve invited Sally over.”

smudgeicon “Oh yes, I remember, the luscious labrador.”

tedicon “No Smudge, I’m not talking about the dating site “BONER” I mean our lettings agency property manager!”

smudgeicon  “Oh I am sorry, she is very professional”

tedicon “She is coming to visit and see if there is anything wrong?”

smudgeicon “I hope you mean, anything wrong with the house!!!”

tedicon  “Oh, what do you take me for?? Of course, there is nothing wrong with our house!”

smudgeicon  “Thank goodness for that, poor Sally has enough to deal with!”


Why do you need to inspect your property?

You have found the perfect tenant, they pay the rent on time and never call you, what could possibly go wrong?

It’s a question that I cover with quite a few new Landlords and also some that have been bitten badly by finding some horrors at the end of the tenancy, which they would have known about had they visited the property themselves.  

As a specialist letting agency, we know the value of regular checks, our Sally visits the properties we manage in the Cambridgeshire region, on average over 4 times a year.  So we asked Sally why she thought all these visits were necessary, and this was her response:

Checking for maintenance issues

An obvious one, and really the most important one to consider, is that on each visit I am looking out for slightly different things; sometimes it can depend on the weather:

When it’s raining it’s so easy to check the gutters are clear.  In Winter it’s a great time to check for soffits and the outside painting so that we can get things organised for Spring. In Spring I will check if the garden needs any maintenance: Not everyone has green fingers so meeting at the house lets me talk to your tenants and advise what needs to be done to keep things in check.  But, in general, I am looking out for condensation issues, which we can nip in the bud before mould stars to form. 

Showing your tenants that you care

By making regular visits I get to know your tenants really well and can follow through on things that we discuss.  We have an ageing society and, in some cases, that can include your tenants, so it’s a great way of keeping contact and making sure they are safe and offering our services wherever we can.

Making sure the people on the tenancy agreement are the people living in the house

I have come across a few situations where it is obvious that the tenants have changed from those on the tenancy agreement, or there are different people living in the property. This could mean a number of things,  the most important being ‘subletting’. Having evidence of tenancy breaches such as this will help us deal with the situation when I get back to the office. Telltale signs that there are more people present are easy for the trained eye.

Evidence of pets that shouldn’t be at the property     

Because people know that we shall be visiting, the likely hood of finding something like this is very rare, but it can happen.  Sometimes things are even worse, there have been incidences of drug use, immoral activity etc!

Validating your insurance policy

If you’d like more information about Sally or her team please give her a call on 01480 494967.

Not a lot of Landlords understand that without regular visits your insurance could be voided. That’s the reason we carry out photographic visits. Everything is really clear

Finally, Sally says:

I have a great job and get to meet some great people, but my main aim is to make sure that your asset is safe and your tenants are happy!

Sally Pearton, MARLA

“Inspecting the properties and making sure everyone is kept happy at all times”

T: 01480 494967
E: [email protected]

I joined the team in January 2015, having worked in residential lettings for over 12 years, previous to that I held a variety of other roles in customer facing industries.

At Maxine Lester I am the property maintenance inspector, which involves carrying out inspections of the properties on behalf of our landlords.  I write a report on each visit, which includes relevant photographs, which I send to our landlords so they are aware of what is happening in their property.  I let them know if any work needs doing and agree how they would like us to get that done for them.  Inspections are also a great opportunity for our tenants to raise any maintenance issues or queries so they can feel confident the property is being looked after and maintained to a high standard.

I have enjoyed a number of roles in the lettings industry, which can be both challenging and rewarding, however one aspect I really enjoy is the level of knowledge needed to do the job well.  I am pleased to hold the NFOPP (National Federation of Property Professionals) Level 3 Technical Award (equivalent to NVQ Level 3) and there is no doubt that this qualification helps me to do the job well.

I enjoy keeping fit, and do so by running and going to the gym whenever I can do so.    This gives me a sense of well being and maintains my energy levels!

See Sally talking about her work with Maxine Lesters