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Blog from the dogs, ESTAS week



It’s here, it’s finally here!




No, it’s…

tediconEd Balls day?

smudgeiconNo that’s been, it’s ….


World Gravy Bone Day?


No Ted you daft pup, IT’S THE ESTAS!


The what?


We have already written two blogs about us being nominated in both the landlord and tenant categories for another year, in one, you said you were going to lick Phil Spencer’s face, in the other you were writing your speech to take all of the credit.

tediconIt’s still not ringing any bells I’m afraid.

smudgeiconThey say not to work with children or animals, and right now I’m dealing with both.


smudgeiconNothing. It’s just that considering the stats and the fact that Maxine Lester have won loads of awards, I thought it would be safe to assume that for once you might remember it.


What are the stats? It might tickle my ear hairs and make me remember. Hmmmph. 


Riiiiight….. well: 45,000 customers completed a survey;

1,000 estate & letting agents, mortgage advisors and suppliers will attend;

8,000 miles of cable is used to power the show,

825 bottles of champagne will be consumed in glasses topped up by 100 waiters,

it takes 590 manhours to construct the stage, only 356 firms are shortlisted, 24 chefs will cook the 4-course luncheon,

3 agency offices will win the Grand Prix Award

and THE PHIL SPENCER has hosted The ESTAS for 16 years! PHEW.



smudgeiconIs that a stunned silence?


Yes, I can’t believe you remembered all of that without drawing breath just to make me feel stupid. I’m impressed. You should know though, I do know what the ESTAS are, I’m just messing…. Smudge, where are you going? Smudge? I need you to help me choose a bow tie!