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Blog from the Dogs – ESTA wins!

smudgeicon   I am on such a high this week!

tedicon  You’re on the floor Smudge! And why would that be good you’re scared of heights!

smudgeicon  Oh Ted! It’s a saying it means you are in a really great mood

tedicon  Oh, I see me too and so is the team!

smudgeicon  Yes, we are so proud to have won a Gold award from our Tenants and a sliver from our Landlords.

tedicon  This is the fourth year in the row we have won a Gold or Silver at the ESTAs! But what does it really mean to win an ESTA Smudge?

smudgeicon  It means that our tenants and landlords have said that against other agents in East Anglia, we provide the highest level of customer service.

tedicon  Wow! thank you so much to everyone who took the time to vote for us!

smudgeicon  Yes! and we really appreciate the feedback as it helps us improve our customer service so we can keep being the best!

tedicon  If you are looking for a top-notch letting agent you have come to the right place!