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Blog from the Dogs – Christmas is Coming!

tedicon  Morning Smudge!

smudgeicon  Morning Ted, you are very chipper today!

tedicon  It’s the 1st of December Smudge, that means Christmas is coming soon.

smudgeicon  I guess it is Ted, I know you like turkey but, why so excited?

tedicon  Turkey is my favourite thing about Christmas, but I am also excited that we are doing a Facebook Christmas Tree competition this year!

smudgeicon  Ooo I hadn’t heard Ted I was doing some in-depth reading this morning.

tedicon  Yes we are asking all creative children to draw us a new Christmas Tree for and the best one will win £30 of John Lewis vouchers!

smudgeicon  Wow, what a great idea! We do have the same tree each year it would be nice to see some new designs!

tedicon And the winner can come in a meet us Smudge won’t that be fun!

smudgeicon I’m very excited Ted, we will definalty be looking forward to meeting the winner!


The details of the competition will be announced on the 4th on our Facebook page!