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Blog from the Dogs – Bank Holiday Weekend

tedicon  Ahhh what a long week I’ve had!

smudgeicon  Phha, Yer right…

tedicon  I really have been earning my belly rubs this week smudge.

smudgeicon  I guess you have, why have you upped your game all of a sudden Ted?

tedicon  Well the team is doing such an amazing job I felt like I could pitch in a bit more

smudgeicon  Well that is very nice of you ted, did you get much done?

tedicon  Well, I got a lot of pats and belly rubs when I would try to give advice, so that must be what they need from me.

smudgeicon  Hahaha, I am sure that is just what they need Ted *eye roll*

tedicon  At least we have the bank holiday to relax in the and unwind in the sun!

smudgeicon  I think the team need it more than us, but I am looking forward it a lounge around!