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Blog from the Dogs: Winter’s coming

Keep warm: Winter is coming

S: We shouldn’t be shivering this much Ted

T: You’re right, we shouldn’t be shivering at all.

S: What? Don’t look at me, I don’t have thumbs!

T: As if that’s an excuse.

S: Look let’s not argue, neither of us checked that the heating works, and you’re just grumpy because you’re cold.

T: Hmmph

S: What we should have done, is this:

  • Turned on the heating system
  • Turned up the thermostat, and pretty quickly the boiler should have kicked in
  • Open all the radiator valves so they’re fully on
  • Within half an hour to an hour, the radiators should be hot

T: And if they aren’t?

S: Then contact the Maxine Lester team ASAP so they can sort out a repair before everyone in the UK finds out their boilers aren’t working, and plumbers become rarer than rocking horse manure.

T: Ah, so if I give the office a ring then….

S: I’ve already done it, and we’ve got a plumber coming to mend the boiler imminently.

T: Hooray! That means we can soon ditch the woolies.

S: That’s a shame, they were just growing on me. And yours really bring out the colour in your eyes.

You can watch Matthew’s video which has got some other top tips for getting your property winter-ready, here.