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Blog from the Dogs: Upcoming events in the local area

smudgeicon  You nearly ready to go, Ted? Those ducks at the park aren’t going to chase themselves, you know.

tedicon Almost, Smudge. I’ve just been distracted reading the Hunts Post about all of the great things coming up in the local area…

smudgeicon I didn’t know you ready the Hunts Post, Ted! I thought you only looked for the cartoons.

tedicon Well…I couldn’t find the cartoons, and I got to reading this instead.

smudgeicon What’s on then, Ted? Anything that would tickle my fancy?

tedicon Well I know that you’re a big Patrick Swayze fan…so you’ll be pleased to hear about the Dirty Dancing Tribute Show returning to Burgess Hall in St. Ives!

smudgeicon Wow! I’m gonna have to get my dancing shoes out for that. Do you think they’ll get me on for the encore?

tedicon Probably not, Smudge. I’ve seen you dance.

smudgeicon Bark! Nobody puts Smudge in the corner…

tedicon Anyway, for something a little less showbiz and a lot more historical, you can attend a Heritage open day at one of many different sites, including Oliver Cromwell’s House and the private library of Samuel Pepys across Cambridgeshire!

smudgeicon Hmmm yes very interesting. Maybe we could get some ideas of books you can read so you don’t always have to look at the cartoons…

tedicon Har, har. Later on in October, there’s a Magic of Motown show in Cambridge! Something else you can strap your dancing shoes on for.

smudgeicon  Bark bark! Well that keeps us busy then. Anything else?

tedicon Not now, Smudge. I’ve found the cartoons…