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Blog from the Dogs: Success!

smudgeicon  Hey Ted! Did you hear the good news?

tedicon *snuffle* Is it that there’s sandwiches in the office today?

smudgeicon  Nope! Guess again.

tedicon *burp* Is it that there’s crisps in the office today?

smudgeicon  No Ted, stop being silly and guess properly.

tedicon *gulp* Is it that there’s prosecco in the office today?

smudgeicon  TED! You can’t drink prosecco, we are dogs, it will make you go loopy.

tedicon  *burp* I think it’s a bit late now, just polished off a bottle and did ten laps of the office.

smudgeicon  Well i’m glad you’re excited I guess…the Maxine Lester team have had an incredible week! They smashed their targets and reached a new record of check-ins for one week with 17! They had 13 today alone!

tedicon  Wow! No wonder we are having such a feast. I love being around such a hard working and successful team…it means we get great treats.

smudgeicon  Well said, Ted.  That EA Masters invitation was well deserved by the team.

tedicon  Bark! I bet they have a great spread there…we’ll be sipping Moët by the pool.

smudgeicon  Don’t worry about that, Ted. We’ll be dining out every night when Matthew’s dancing career takes off after he wins Agents Strictly Dancing.


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