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Blog from the Dogs: Smudge and Ted at the EAOTY Awards 2016

smudgeiconTED, we can finally tell people where we went on Friday

tediconFor a trot round the field?

smudgeiconNo, you numpty, the other thing.

tediconOh, not the vet, I’d rather not talk about that…

smudgeiconNo, not the vet Ted, THE ESTATE AGENCY OF THE YEAR AWARDS 2016

tediconOH! Yes!

smudgeiconMaxine has been on top secret judging duty in several categories – Best medium agency London, Overall Wales, and Overall Northern Ireland, we’ve been bribed with countless walkies and biscuits for ages to keep quiet, and you manage to forget?

tediconYes well. What was your favourite bit? I loved going round all the sponsor stands, and having a go at the competitions. I did have a go at a quiz on the Reapit stand, I was after the iPad, but all the questions were about buying houses. I huffed a bit, and explained that I’m actually the UK’s leading canine lettings expert.

  smudgeiconI really wanted a selfie with Martin Kemp. You know how much I love Spandau ballet.

tediconPlease don’t…

smudgeiconGOLD! Always believe in your soul, you’ve got the power to know, you’re indestructible

tedicon I don’t think my ears are.

                                           smudgeiconRude. Anyway, I think it’s a fitting tribute to the winners! I for one would like to pass on my congratulations, and a huge thanks for letting us gatecrash the selfie frame.

tedicon Ah yes, me too. And I’d like to place a gentle reminder that we’re up for our own awards, this time voted for by YOU, our lovely customers!

      smudgeicon Have you done something new with your hair? It’s looking lovely today.

              tedicon Don’t overdo it on the flattery, Smudge. Anyway, if you are a Maxine Lester Landlord or Tenant and would like to vote for us, please click on the link below, select landlord (managed, or let only) or tenant, and fill in a short form – it takes three minutes, we checked!

To vote for Maxine Lester at the ESTAS, click here