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Blog from the Dogs: Section 24

tedicon  Get off the computer and come out to play, Smudge! The sun is out and there’s a cat next door staring at me through a fence that I need help barking at.

smudgeicon  Not now Ted, I’m reading about the intricacies of Section 24. The cat will have to wait.

tedicon  First Article 50, now Section 24, I can’t cope with all these secret operations! What does Section 24 entail?

smudgeicon  Landlords are due to be paying more tax on their buy to let properties, which means they are likely to increase rent for their tenants.

tedicon  Who does it affect?

smudgeicon  It affects landlords with mortgage interest, who will no longer be able to claim it as tax deductible. Luckily there are many different options for landlords depending on their circumstances.

tedicon  That sounds ominous! Should anyone be scared?

smudgeicon  Not at all! The team at Maxine Lester offer the very best support around – there’s a reason they’re award winning! They work with independent financial advisors and tax specialists to ensure people get the very best answers. In fact, Maxine wrote a blog about it with lots of detail.

tedicon  Gotta love the Maxine Lester team! Do you reckon they could help me rent out my kennel?

smudgeicon  I’ll put a word in.

tedicon  Woof! Let’s go find this cat, I can hear him heckling me about my rent going up…