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Blog from the dogs: renting until I return

smudgeicon Ted, what are you doing?

tedicon I’m blowing up my lilo

smudgeiconWhy on earth are you doing that? We only started discussing MAYBE going travelling around Australia about 5 minutes ago!

tedicon It’s always best to be prepared you know Smudge, I’ve already lathered myself with factor 50 as well.

smudgeicon…. but we’re in England and it is about 0 degrees.

tedicon Us fair complexioned doggies can never be too careful though, there might be some sun glare.

smudgeicon Right, okay then Mr Prepared, what have you done to start the process of letting our kennel out to Simon the Sausage Dog while we’re away?



Ah umm, well… not a lot really. You underestimate the time it takes to blow up a lilo



I guess I’LL look into it then. We want our home to be perfect when we decide we want to come back.

tedicon Well the Maxine Lester team will do that for us if we ask them nicely, they treat properties as if they’re their own homes, and I’ve seen their homes – I’d trust ’em!

smudgeicon  Excellent suggestion Ted, you’ve redeemed yourself. That’s the thing with letting until you return, it’s not like an investment property, it’s personal.

tedicon Which is why the team can sort out everything, managing our Kennel, and checking up on Simon quarterly so they can give us a report. We’ll be able to look on our iPad in Australia and see what they’ve discovered! They’ll also sort out the legalities. They’ve got a whole ‘Renting ’til I return’ package, which has been created specifically for landlords who are looking to return to their properties.

smudgeicon I’ll be much happier knowing that someone has everything in hand.

tedicon Honestly, it’s brilliant. You can see for yourself if you like. There’s a page on the website about everything they offer returning landlords here.

smudgeicon Well I’m sold! Or… er… let. Pass me the suncream, Ted.