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Blog from the Dogs: The Queen’s Speech

tedicon  Hey Smudge, what are ya watching?

smudgeicon  Tally ho, old chap! The Queen’s Speech is on so I’m trying to style myself to look like a corgi.

tedicon  Do I even want to ask why?

smudgeicon  Okay, okay, hear me out; If I blow dry my fur and bark in a posh accent, I reckon I can swap in for one of them without anyone knowing. It’s the perfect crime! Just think of the treats Ted!

tedicon  Alright, I’m in. I have always wanted to try foie gras… I’ll practice wearing this monocle and you carry on watching the speech so we can scope out a good place to make the swap.

5 minutes later

tedicon  Okay, I think I’ve pretty much got this thing downpat. What’s next?

smudgeicon  You know Ted I was looking for good vantage spots, when I started listening to what ol’ Queeny here was saying. Seems like with the tenant fee ban, Brexit and the election times are pretty uncertain. Maybe we shouldn’t go about making things anymore confusing with an elaborate dog-swap.

tedicon  Maybe you’re right Smudge. At least here at Maxine Lester we can be sure that no matter what happens they’ll be looking out for all their clients and keeping a level head no matter what.

smudgeicon  Still, I think you should keep the monocle, it definitely gives you a much needed air of importance.

tedicon  Thanks? Anyways since I’ve come this far I’m going to go make some cucumber sandwiches and pretend I’m a corgi for a while. Smell ya later.