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Blog from the dogs: Property management

smudgeicon  TFI FRIDAY, TED!

tedicon  YAY! Wait, what does TFI stand for?

smudgeicon  Thank Fido it’s Friday, obviously.

tedicon  Ah yes, thank Fido it’s Friday indeed. So what have you got for us all today?

smudgeicon  Well, I was reading an article earlier about a Lancashire Landlord who has recently been charged over £3500 by a court for ignoring his tenants’ complaints about damp in their property.

tedicon Ouch.

smudgeicon  It’s definitely got me thinking about the benefits of property management.

tedicon How come, Smudge?

smudgeicon Well keeping constant communication is very important, but it takes up a lot of time. Most complaints the property ombudsman gets are caused by bad communication – especially when it comes to repairs and maintenance.

tedicon So if Mr Landlord had his property managed by a good lettings agency, then he wouldn’t have had to shell out £3500 because they would have dealt with the tenants’ complaints right away?

smudgeicon Exactly right.

tedicon Do we do that?

smudgeicon Well we don’t, we snooze about on the comfy office sofa, but the Maxine Lester team does, yes.

tedicon So how would they deal with a complaint?

smudgeicon  Well, first the tenant can report issues via the 24 hour helpline, or by logging a repair online. Then, we check who should be responsible for the repair, then investigate whether a repair is needed, and if so what, then we check our extensive history to see if the issue is caused by the failure of a past repair. Most landlords give us permission to complete any works up to £200, so then we get one of our trusted contractors to come in and fix it.

tedicon Phew!

smudgeicon  Yes. And that’s the process we follow every single time without fail.

tedicon No fines for our landlords or us, then.

smudgeicon  Nope!

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