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Blog from the Dogs: Post Brexit Housing Market

tedicon Smudge, come and read this article!

smudgeicon  Since when did you read articles, Ted? Usually I find you eating or chasing cats around the garden…

tedicon Well, I was reading the cartoons…and then I came across this! It’s about the UK housing market performing well despite Brexit concerns.

smudgeicon  …where did you learn those words, Ted?!

tedicon Do you want to find out or not?! This is important stuff for our avid readers, they probably have a lot of the same concerns.

smudgeicon  Well then. Go ahead!

tedicon Rightmove conducted a survey that found the number of sales agreed was up by 4.6% in June 2017 compared with June 2016. This is due to low unemployment, low interest rates and strong demand, and is of course really great news for the property market! Over 45% of properties have sold signs on them.

smudgeicon  You’re right, Ted. And of course as ever, if anyone has any concerns our expert team are here to help. There’s a reason the Maxine Lester team have won some brilliant awards. Have you read anything else interesting, Ted?

tedicon YEAH! You should see what Snoopy has been getting up to this week…

smudgeicon  *sigh*