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Blog from the Dogs: Parliamentary debate on Letting Fees

tedicon Order, order! Right, who wants to speak first?

smudgeicon  Ted, what are you doing? Why are there 10 other dogs here?

tedicon Well I heard that Kevin Hollinrake was holding a debate on letting fees in Parliament, and wanted to hold my own…

smudgeicon  Wow, Ted! I didn’t know you were keeping up with the news.

tedicon Of course! I was very pleased to hear about it. Letting Fees are important, and without them it may force Landlords to put their rents up as they would have to foot the costs.

smudgeicon  Correct! And they help to ensure that branches perform as efficiently as they can. In the case of Maxine Lester, it means they can continue to give their clients the expert attention and care they deserve, which is great!

tedicon Woof!

smudgeicon  Anyway, i’m looking forward to watching your debate on it. I’m so glad you’re taking such an interest in the property market.

tedicon Property market? This is a debate on whether it’s better to be scratched behind the ears or on the belly.

smudgeicon  Oh you never fail to amaze me.