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Blog from the Dogs – New Team Members

tedicon  Hi Smudge

smudgeicon  Hey Ted what have you been up to I haven’t seen you all day?

tedicon  I have been around the office Smudge getting belly rubs

smudgeicon  Typical our new team members have been spoiling you!

tedicon  They are so lovely, maybe I can convince them to bring me treat!

smudgeicon  You get enough as it is Ted and they are busy working they are here just for you Ted.

tedicon  I guess you are right Ted Abigail and Jayne are busy helping our clients.

smudgeicon  Did you know Abigail does realistic pencil drawings?

tedicon  Wow that’s amazing do you think she’d do a portrait of us?

smudgeicon  Haha maybe Ted, we would look cute.

tedicon  Bisides belly rubs what is most important is that they are great workers and we are so excited to have had them join us!

smudgeicon  We are lucky to have them Ted. If you want to learn more about us you can read our staff Biographies here.