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Blog from the Dogs – A New Opportunity

tedicon  Good Afternoon Smudge how has your day been?

smudgeicon  Good Smudge but I’m a bit tired we have had such a busy week!

tedicon  I guess so, I can’t really remember much of what has already happened after I’ve had my nap.

smudgeicon  I know that’s why you always have two lunches Ted.

tedicon  I would have two lunches even if I did remember the first one!

smudgeicon  Typical! Well I will catch you and everyone else up on what’s been happening in the office!

tedicon  I’m all ears

smudgeicon  Our lovely Tania is going to have a baby soon! Which is very exciting we are very much looking forward to meeting him or her!

tedicon  Oooo how exciting!

smudgeicon  She will be looking after her new baby for a while so we are looking for a Contracts Executive for a Maternity cover contract.

tedicon  We would love to have a new team member!

smudgeicon  The role may suit someone from an accountancy background (who is fed up with figures!) or a compliance background (e.g. insurance, solicitors office).

tedicon  If you are interested in these roles with us you can find out more here.