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Blog from the Dogs – Matthew Strictly Update

tedicon Dum duh dum…dum duh dum dum duh dum…hmm hm hmm…

smudgeicon  Ted, what on earth are you doing?

tedicon Don’t mind me – i’m just practising for Strictly Canine Dancing.

smudgeicon  Do I even need to ask?

tedicon Well, if you hadn’t already heard, it’s a dancing competition to raise money for charity.

smudgeicon  I think you mean Strictly Agents Dancing…

tedicon Nonsense! We are putting the money towards a huge pile of treats for all the dogs in the local area.

smudgeicon  You’re pulling my leg, Ted. You’ve been watching Matthew practising again and you want to be just like him!

tedicon Alright, you’ve got me. But i’m getting really good at the Cha Cha – check out this twirl…

smudgeicon  Very impressive, Ted. Craig Revel Horwood would be searching for his 10 card right now if he could see.

tedicon Matthew is such an inspiration…he’s been doing some great moves in training, Smudge. You oughta come and watch with me, he could teach you a thing or two.

smudgeicon  I might have to! And remember Ted – when he brings home the trophy, there will be a big celebration at the office, which means…

tedicon TREATS! Oh boy, I really hope he wins. How close is he to reaching the fundraising goal?

smudgeicon  Very close to half way! Not long to go now, so we need to hope that people are feeling very generous and want to donate to this very worthy cause. You can donate to Matthew here