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Blog from the Dogs – Market Update

tedicon Aaah yes, so close to the weekend now! A good end to a week of hard work.

smudgeicon  Hard work?! Agreed lots of tenancies have you, Ted? Sold some properties? Spoken to lots of clients?

tedicon Well, yes.

smudgeicon  Or rather, agreed to lick yourself a lot, sold some treats to the cat next door and spoken to lots of neighbourhood dog you like?

tedicon Well…yes, that too.

smudgeicon  Honestly, Ted. I wonder if anything’s going on in there sometimes.

tedicon Hey! Actually, I’ve been thoroughly interested in Maxine Lester’s recent market update today.

smudgeicon Oh, really? What did you learn, Ted?

tedicon Get this – the number of people looking to rent has increased, and the average length of the tenancy has increased as well!

smudgeicon Very interesting.

tedicon I, personally, have a lot of dogs interested in renting my kennel. Simply don’t have the space though, you see. I might look into renting out the patch of grass next to it…

smudgeicon I don’t think that’s a very good idea, Ted.

tedicon However, tenants are choosing to stay in their properties longer. The average tenancy is now 21 months! This is probably down to rising property prices, meaning people are increasingly seeing renting as the only viable option.

smudgeicon Very interesting. It’s good to see that the Maxine Lester team are smashing it! Right Move found that the national average of days to find a tenant is 29, but the team are managing 21 days!

tedicon Impressive! I’ve had word that they are setting up workshops in 2018 for landlords to show the impact of rent increases. They really do think of everything.

smudgeicon They haven’t thought of a way to get you to stop getting paw prints in the office yet…

tedicon I…uh…well…bark…