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Blog from the dogs: we’re hiring

smudgeiconOi, TED!


smudgeiconGet your nose out of that bin, and come and help me with this.

tediconWhat are you doing?

smudgeiconI’m amending a job advert. We’re looking for a new Lettings Coordinator, and the humans have written a job advertisement, but completely failed to take into consideration our needs.

tediconWell that’s not on! What should we add?

 We definitely  want someone who gives decent ear scratches….smudgeicon

…and gives treats when no-one else is looking


very important.

tedicon They should really love our blog, and have read every single post we’ve written so far

                                           smudgeicon  Yes! A Blog from the Dogs super fan

tedicon You’ll have to practice writing your autograph Smudge, it’s harder than you think with no thumbs.

      smudgeicon Too true. So what else are we looking for from a Lettings Coordinator?

              tedicon They’ve got to have good music taste. ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’ and anything by ‘Snoop Dog’ are a must.

smudgeicon ‘Ain’t Nothing But a Hound Dog’ as well.

tedicon Right, well we’ve got our list, now we’ve just got to update the website.

smudgeicon Yes! Humans are funny sometimes.

To find out more about our Lettings Coordinator role, please visit the careers page on our website and scroll down to the vacancies section.