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Blog from the Dogs – General Election 2017

tedicon  Hoooooooooowllll, hooooooooooooowwwlllll

smudgeicon  Calm down Ted, what’s wrong?

tedicon  Someone left the TV on and I heard something about these Liberal Demo-cats! They won some seats in the election! They are going to take over and banish us from the country!

smudgeicon  Ted I don’t think the cats are going to take over, you have nothing to worry about.

tedicon  That’s what you think, I’ve heard about a cat called Larry that’s been seen going in and out of Downing Street…

smudgeicon  That cat is owned by the Prime Minister. Besides, I don’t think any of the parties are going to have any dog related policies

tedicon  I’ve heard everyone is very uncertain about what will happen next. Who is going to be in charge? What if we’re not free to frolic in the parks anymore? These Demo-cats can’t be allowed to send us away!

smudgeicon  Don’t worry Ted. These things have a way of sorting themselves out. The gang at Maxine Lester are there to help anyone who is unsure how the election might affect things.

tedicon  You know what, maybe we need Jeremy Corgi to help us, and we can all chase that rascal Larry away from the house ourselves…